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A Wild Seed Novel Chapter 1 – Alexander He came to the archives to meet me. Of course everyone was surprised to see that I had a visitor of any kind, let alone someone of [...]



Night Feed

Snatches from the Trenches of Motherhood Saturday, December 14, 2002 I hear a small sound and instantly I am awake. I lie in bed with my eyes closed and my ears become satellite dishes craning [...]



fallen angel

i am covered in tiny white feathers when i climb out of your bed i clutch your hovering shoulder blades as you lie on top of me i see clouds of color expanding my eyes [...]


cut feet

i cut my feet on the rocks when i was running out of your ocean i cut my feet but it was worth it i cut my feet because it was dark because i was [...]


little rips

crammed in and mixed around little rips of paper things i wanted to say repeating questions the beginning of an equation something i had figured for a moment but it wouldn't stay tied the plastic [...]



some seeds cannot sprout without the sweet rot break down shmush and crumble spit it out barf it up shed your leaves stand naked green out of brown kiss out of heartache lesson out of [...]


within three

with three there in lies the splitting of friendship with three there in lies the root of family with three we are held together and apart turn aside from three the sharp triangle the difficult [...]



when i find you and i have clutched your hand i can smile and laugh and spill over with myself but when you're gone again who am i? i am looking at the sidewalk i [...]


ass boots

she said i wanna wear boots right up to my ass ya know those leather ones and shave off all my hair and a metal boob thing not like madonna tho but real classie and [...]