Wattpad Meets NaNoWriMo and makes Free Cake

I’ve got a writing & reading experiment underway at the moment – oooh something new! Shiny!

Gimme Dat Yummy Thing!

Colorful slice of birthday cake

What’s Wattpad?

A great way to hand out free cake!

I got inspired to share a work in progress on this new thing called Wattpad – a huge library of people sharing written work for FREE. Yeah, I know right? Free? That’s crazy. Things also get released as a serial on there so you get a little bit more of the story as the author updates it.

So I talked to the publisher that I’m planning on submitting the story to (Dreamspinner) and they said, no problem. They won’t black list me for sharing ahead of time as I work out the kinks. (Heh, I said kinks.)

What’s NaNoWriMo

I’m working on the story during NaNo – National Novel Writing Month (which is November in case you didn’t know) so having people waiting for the next chapter has added some much needed fuel to the process for me.


I was worried that someone would urinate on my work in the comments section, but so far no trolls have showed up and we’re going great guns! Woot! Full steam ahead!

More About the Story:

Working Title: M Seeking M
Farshad has been single forever and he’s about to turn 30. In a desperate move to hand in his Virgin Card once and for all, he sets up a Craigslist rendevous with a grizzly bear of a man. Will Terry scare him to death, grant his birthday wish, or set off a life-changing string of events?
Or all of the above?

Hope you likey!
Cake crummy kisses,
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PS here’s the real link to the free chapters in case you didn’t get my Yummy joke above. Geesh.


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