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West Coast Boys Series

Published by Dreamspinner Press

Book 1

King of Snowflakes

When recently broken-hearted Skyler, is forced to spend his vacation with a jock, Ryan, who has taunted him for his sexuality, he discovers a whole new side to Ryan. Will he get burned, or find his first truly loving relationship?

Book Two

King of Rain

Logan is in a self-destructive spiral, Jeremy recognizes the demons in Logan’s eyes. As their relationship is budding, and Logan sees a fleeting hope of love in his future, it’s snatched away by his past actions. Can he be forgiven?

Wild Seed Series

Under Development…

Welcome to the Wild Seed Series!

The Connective Tissue

There is always that one seed that is different from all the others. Within life’s endless genetics, something new and awe inspiring is always ready to emerge. Call it mutation or aberration or divine intervention, it is the wild magic that spurs us forward and the sparkle in the eye of all science. The unfurling of unexpected change is the one constant of our universe and these stories are a celebration of that wonderful fact.

Every series has things that bind it together. The Wild Seed stories are not all about the same characters or family of characters, but bloodlines do run thick. The novels take place in different time frames and cultures, but they are all set in the same universe and all share that common spark that marks them as Wild Seed stories.


The novels on this site are currently being submitted for publication and thus only 1st chapters are available to the public at this point. If you want more, please share the work on Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads, and whatever else you can think of and let the world know you’re waiting! Meanwhile, I have posted lots of other goodies to keep you from going hungry.

Story Summaries

The 100th

Everyone worries about protecting their child from the world, but Zion must protect the world from her child.

  • Location: Seattle, USA
  • Time frame: 3 generations into the future
  • Main character: Zion, a young woman exiled from the safety of her compound into the wilds of the city


When a mind virus spreads throughout humanity, Iona must find a way to fight the contagion that’s already become a part of who she is.


  • Location: Vancouver, Canada, Earth and Ameliaura (a human colonized planet)
  • Time frame: 4 generations into the future
  • Main character: Iona, a woman infected with a virus of the mind


If Liadan taps the well of her own forbidden power, can she trust herself not to get swept away?


  • Location: Ameliaura (a human colonized planet)
  • Time frame: 17 generations into the future
  • Main character: Liadan, a woman of many Talents

Root of the Spark

The war of the sexes is hard to fight when you’re on both sides.


  • Location: Ameliaura (a human colonized planet)
  • Time frame: 18 generations into the future
  • Main character: Dell, the 1st hermaphrodite born on this planet


Snow’s past and his future hold more than he could ever imagine, and both will intertwine to ensnare him in a death grip he can only escape by adapting his very soul.

  • Double story line: 1 in England, 1 on Alexandrina (a human colonized planet)
  • Time frame: 4 generations in the past and 28 generations into the future
  • Main characters: Snow, a scholar with an aversion to being touched