My Secret Gay Agenda

Hi my dears, I wanted to collect up all the extras for Root of the Spark in one place for future readers so I’m reposting articles from my blog tour on here. This one was originally hosted by Jordan L. Hawk and can be found here: Thanks so much Jordan for hosting me on my tour!

Gay buttonI keep hearing about this mythical “Gay Agenda” and I had to think about this and try to unpack what it meant for me as a bi author of gay love stories. Do queer people have this secret agenda of what they’re trying to push on world?

I can only answer for me, and the answer is YUP!

Things I’d Like to Give the World:

  • a love story that you can fall into, that takes your breath away because it feels like it’s you that’s falling in love
  • an experience from inside a character that transports you, opens your eyes and makes their strange actions suddenly make sense, so that you move from disdain to rooting for them
  • an “oh wow” moment where you see the cultural assumptions you were raised with as a contact lens through which you’ve been viewing the world, and it’s amazing to realize that other people have different lenses on
  • a redemption story of a character that you would hate in real life, not because you should accept bad behaviour, but because when we judge others, when we make them less than us or even less than human, this narrows our minds and shrinks our hearts and hurts us and them
  • a friendship story where a bond of kinship is formed that makes a friend into a family member, so that when you’re feeling alone in the world, it can be a ray of hope that things could get better, that someone out there could understand you and love you
  • a sexy story that shakes you and wakes you up, not just for the caffeine-like recharge, but for the moment when sexuality moves from biology to intimacy to spiritual oneness, and you get to experience closeness, tenderness, and unconditional enjoyment of another person
  • a personal growth story where a character finally finds the courage to face the part of themselves they’re ashamed of, and works on this until they are able to function and do the work of their world, and are able to love without the shackles of the past
  • a moment of hope that your own secrets could one day be shared and understood and released
  • a moment of magic that makes you catch your breath, that makes the whole hard day disappear and changes how you think and feel, and that opens a door to a shared dream-scape where you can go when your own world gets too hard

Exclusive Clubs

When we make minorities into “others,” into people that are somehow less than us, we find ourselves in a lovely Exclusive Club. But any elementary school kid can tell you, exclusive clubs makes everyone feel edgy, even the members. When there’s a whole selection of people who can’t belong, there’s always the risk of getting kicked out. And when our belonging is threatened, we get weird and mean and very unhappy.

Queer Mum Hugs

I’d like to give you a strong dose of belonging, World, and a serving of unconditional love and hope. I’d like to give you a big Mum Hug and sit you on my knee, sweet World, and kiss your wounds, and rub your back and tell you some stories that make living feel a little less hard and heavy a burden. That’s what diversity has to teach me: that it’s our uniqueness that makes us valuable to each other. And it’s our understanding, acceptance and celebration of those differences that help us love ourselves and each other. A life filled with love is joyful and rich.

With love and hope,

mf_rootofthesparkPS Please let me know if my new book, Root of the Spark, gives you any of these things on the Agenda list. I’m hoping.

WARNING: this book contains a child who is actually an ancient dragon made of fungus, a lovely villain imprisoned inside the creature’s body, a hasty clan gathering in the collective subconscious, a hermaphrodite orphanage on the brink, and some very naughty acts on a staircase.

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