magic dog man

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Project Description

i was a dog speaker

as a smaller person
they knew me
i had no fear only
love and cuddling momma in me

then the dogs left me
and that silent stare was a threat
any moment they would go insane
and rip my cheeks off
every night
i would go dream walking in the dark where
the dogs were waiting rabid in the trees
motionless with hate
approaching the kill

my mother took us out
walking in the dark
i saw him as we crossed the bridge
over my shoulder i saw
him black running slowly behind
fear in my cheeks and naked neck
he is coming
coming from behind

there was a light on the bridge
maybe the moon
and i saw
this was not black but white silver
passing by
i crouched and spoke my dog tongue
and magic dog man came under my hands soft
blinking magic with eyes of opposite colors