baby blab

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Project Description

put a load of whites in
whites are warm water
ducks like RAIN!!!
ducks like RAIN!!!
what does a dog say?
woof woof woof
new diaper my stinker?
boil up some rubber nipples
fill the bottles up to 7
lunch time lunch time
throw it on the floor mush in your hair
no don’t climb out of that high chair
phone ringing phone phone hello
no she’s not in at the moment canitakeamessage byebye
think forgetting something
shit fire fire on stove fire
….well.. not fire but mess mess soup
clean up one arm holding kid
pretend arnold shwort-sin-egger big biceps woman
music yeah BLACK SABBATH!!!
well ok -Raffi
dancy dancy waltzing baby weeee dip!
laughing face
and i love ya monkey bum