Author’s Introduction to “King of Rain”

Author’s Introduction to “King of Rain” 2017-09-29T19:47:41+00:00

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I call this story my “dark chocolate with chillies” book because it’s hot, delicious and dark. Where King of Snowflakes was young tender embrace, this book is a slap and a passionate kiss. Blood, grit and raw emotion.


King of Rain is a book about redemption.


Sometimes you hit a wall in your life where the strategies that were keeping you afloat are no longer working and you have to stop and reconsider your whole approach. What’s missing?


That’s what’s happening for both Jeremy and Logan when they meet. Logan has finally gotten caught in his web of lies and the stunned silence from his family brings him face to face with a new truth: he’s disturbed by the person he has become.


Jeremy’s been playing the handsome conqueror flawlessly for so long, he doesn’t even see how hollow the role has become until his ex brings him up short. Could playing the field really be a way of keeping anyone from ever loving him? Has sex become the things he’s hiding behind, instead of the defiant celebration it once was?


Both young men are at low points in their lives, but their cracks fit together. They understand each other in ways no one else can, and that makes it easier to shed some of those protective layers of sarcasm, independence and indifference, and expose the vulnerable parts of the hearts that have been so long neglected.


This book, at its core, is about how misogyny can eat away at men. If your secret desire is to submit completely to another man, and you feel that this feminizes you and goes against every gender role you’ve been taught, “feminine” desires can get buried in concrete until they fester and explode. It’s about the blurred lines between orientation and gender identity. And ok, I admit it, it’s about love.

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