NaNoWriMo 2015 – Writer’s Meditation

Hi All,

In honour of National Novel Writing Month, I’d like to offer up a recording that I made long ago. It’s my voice, walking you through a creative visualisation and relaxation exercise to quieten your thoughts and allow you to listen and witness the stories you’re creating in a whole new way.


My Writers’ Meditations

This is the Long Version. A good place to start if you’re feeling stuck. It’s about 17 min.

This is the Short Version – 6.5 min. If you’ve already done the long one, you can just touch on the ideas and they spring back to life more quickly.

My Meditation Inspiration

Dale Adams Segal

A fellow writer took writing workshops with Dale and gifted me with her Hour Story Cards. We used these cards in a writers’ group for a few years and I would highly recommend them as a way out of writer’s block.

I particularly like her meditation before writing and have incorporated this into my own process. I’ve made my own meditation, inspired by hers and have posted an audio of a recording of my version of this tool.

Dale’s Meditation

Dales meditation is mostly relaxation based, but near the end, she walks you through a visualization about going through a doorway or portal and going down to a secret place meant only for you. A sanctuary where you can write. Interesting that she talks about this being underground – as if we need to have a visual metaphor for going deep inside ourselves, into the safe heart where writing comes from.
Once in this place, she asks us to picture the “winds of story” swirling around us. I love that image. It makes sense to me.

Allergy to Woo-Woo-ness?

Some writers find this whole meditation thing off-puttingly new-agey. Words like “portal” and “sanctuary” don’t bother me or throw me into critical mode, so this works for me. My parents were hippies so the language is like my native tongue. Anyway, Dale has a gentle and kind approach and a lot to teach. Her cards kept me writing when the Ants (automatic negative thoughts) were attacking my brain. You can order her cards online if they are of interest.

Try out this tool and let me know if you find it useful.

Do you meditate before you write? How do you get in your writing zone?

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