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Out on a Limb (Browerton University #2)Out on a Limb by A.J. Truman
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I absolutely loved Book 1 in this series, so I was eager for Book 2. Overall, I really liked Book 2 as well, and I think Truman is a writer to watch!


I really liked the themes of getting trapped in your own perspective and not realizing that you have the power and freedom to change your own life. The older character feels trapped in his cubicle farm torture job with no creativity and the younger character feels trapped in a self-preserving isolation. His dream of Hollywood fame feel so true for so many young people, and the disillusionment as well.I also liked the “different worlds” theme, and it was so refreshing to NOT have this be about one person being closeted. I love a good Out story, where coming out isn’t even on the table because that is so 1 million years ago. Lovely. (Although, yeah, I can still love me some coming out stories too. Just not a steady diet. It’s like eating only rabbit. It eventually kills you with it’s lack of vitamins.)


I was wishing for more references to Book 1, which I loved, but the “gay friends” felt a bit shmushed together as a unit (aside from the roommate who had a larger role). I guess that’s to be expected as there’s not that much room for secondary characters in this length, so it’s a small gripe.

Overall, I’ll now read anything by this guy! I’m excited to read M/M written by a man – did you know it’s about 80% female authors? I can’t grumble, as I’m one of those but it’s always a treat to read a good male author. I see there’s a 1.5 in this series that I missed so that’s my next stop.

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