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Just the Right Book

Listopia is a great way to find just the right kind of book. It’s a user-run service on where readers can create lists of books, and then the Goodreads community can vote on and add to them.

Example: I love male male romance, but most of my friends don’t read it. When I discovered Listopia, I could not only find great titles with high ratings, but I could pick from lists that had other themes that interested me. I remember discovering one list of gay romances with a disabled character. I was over the moon! In short, it’s a way to get marginalized and diverse stories into the hands of readers who want them!

How To

I’d recommend the tool both for supporting a fave author and for finding new ones. Here’s how it works. I’ll use my latest book as an example (just in case you want to vote for it).

Voting Up a Fave Book

1. Add the book on Goodreads
and see the “Want to Read” button under the cover. Beside this is an arrow with dropdown options – select “Read” to add it to your books – which then allows you to vote for it on any list.

2. Scroll down 1 whole page to the line of tiny book cover & heading “Lists with this Book” and then click “More lists with this book” to see all of the lists Root of the Spark is on. If you click the lists from there it will 1) tell you what number the book is at on the list currently and 2) take you to the exact position on the page. Then you can “Vote for this book.”

Book Lists for Your Taste

It’s really useful, but a HUGE library so start simple. From the Goodreads menu, click “Browse,” then “Lists.” Now you’re in Listopia! To get more specific lists, bottom right has a set of Tags you can click on, ie Romance, Science Fiction, etc. You can get more and more specific. I don’t know another tool like this.

You are Awesome!

Thanks so much for your reviews on sites like Goodreads and Amazon! That really helps my work travel out into the world!
If there are books you love, adding them to lists on Listopia is another grassroots way to support and share them.

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