King of Rain – Review from MM Good Book Reviews

Such a pleasure to get an awesome review from MM Good Book Reviews! Very exciting!

Funny to see them list the book as:
“Genre: New Adult/BDSM”
Funny, because I have never thought of the book as categorized that way, which is ridiculous because there IS a riding crop involved.

I’m not a BDSM author specifically by any means. I’m a love story addict, and not against exploring the big wide diverse world, but the thing that really interests me is intimacy. How does it work?
That’s why there are some bondage scenes in this book – not because that’s the goal, but because these characters went there on their journey towards intimate closeness. That may not make sense logically, but it makes sense in my brain.

Here are some highlights that I’ll have to put on the Books page soon.

This was an incredible accomplishment by Fogal. The author managed to bring two characters that I loathe together and walk us through a journey of change and forgiveness.
GiGi, MM Good Book Reviews

Yes, she managed a magic that I was not sure was possible, Fogal made me fall in love with Jeremy and Logan, and see the value in them both.
GiGi, MM Good Book Reviews

You could read this stand alone, but then you wouldn’t loathe the characters enough to make the magical transformation happen. So pick up King of Snowflakes, first!
GiGi, MM Good Book Reviews

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