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Interview Highlights!

  • New “Serial” type release – how it works
  • Bonus Scenes for “Beneath the Stain” and how to get them!
  • Bonus Scenes for “Black John” and how to get them!
  • What’s next!

I’m thrilled to have Amy Lane back on my blog again! WOOT! She is one of my favourite authors of all time and I’d have to say, hands down, my favourite male / male romance writer. (Sorry other wonderful authors, but she delivers the heart and soul of a story like no one else!)

Amy, I wanted to ask you about your recent “serial” release! I think “Beneath the Stain” is the first novel you’ve released this way. Right? It’s an exciting new format – can you tell us about how it works and why you’re trying this?

Amy Lane:
Well, it mostly works because the book was so damned long! We split it into seven pieces, and I wrote some bonus material for each section. Then each section was released – for a limited time only, so it’s long since gone—on a weekly basis. The fun part was the bonus material—I loved writing each and every scene, and the last two scenes, in particular, really enhanced the story itself. They were written from an off-point of view, so we get to see more of our supporting characters and that’s always fun.

Beneath the Stain cover

Can you tell us a bit about the story and how this type of release affected the writing?
Amy Lane:

The writing was the writing from the very beginning. I simply wrote a sort of epic, all-encompassing story, and my publisher had to decide what to do with the release. The story itself stretches from Mackey’s childhood to his adulthood—we see his first love completely self-destruct, and we see him recover from that, and then fall in love again. In the middle you’ve got sex, drugs, rock and roll—poetry, music, and grace. It’s pretty awesome.

It seriously IS pretty awesome! I went for the download options that included the extra scenes – and wow, I’m so glad I did!

It was a bit like getting to ‘Angel Hop’ – something that I do in my own creative process, where you jump sideways inside a story, and get to ride along inside a different character and see things from a different point of view.
How was this for you, to get to write this kind of content?
Amy Lane:
It was amazing. These scenes were so much fun. I love the “puzzle piece” scenario, where each character provides a different piece of the main situation. I also like to think about it like King Arthur stories—Lancelot, Guinevere and Arthur were the main drama, but played out on the same tapestry was Gawain, Lot, Trystan, Percival, and all the other knights. Everybody had a history. It’s what made the entire collection of stories so rich. So this was my chance to create a richer tapestry and give some fine-point details on some basic shapes we already recognized.

What do you like best about this type of release? Would you do it again? Any plans? Any possible bonus scenes from other works? *wink wink hint hint*

Amy Lane: LoL—I actually just finished a bonus scene for Black John, which I posted at Love Bytes. I do have some fun with these—a story has an arc and a shape, and you want the shape to be as slick and as streamlined as possible—whatever shape it is. Some scenes just don’t fit that shape—but they sure are fun to read afterwards.


(OMG I just bought Black John and am now having a super-squealing fan moment about this extra!!! Here’s the Love Bytes review
Also some more on this book
What are you working on at the moment? Any bits you don’t mind sharing about that?

Amy Lane:
Not at all. Actually, what I’m working on has been ten years in the making. My first self-published series—The Little Goddess series—debuted 10 years ago with Vulnerable. In 2010 I released the fourth book in the series, Rampant. I left it at a cliff-hanger… And then went on to write exclusively M/M for five years. I’ve finally returned to that series. It’s going to be released through DSP Publications, and I am 55K into Quickening, the fifth book.
I’m so nervous.
But I’m enjoying it so much!
Thanks so much for joining us, Amy! I bow down to you, a member of the Book Royalty in my head!
Peoples, Amy has a shout out in the Acknowledgements of my new release “King of Rain” for all the inspiration I’ve gotten from her work, not to mention her wonderful friendly mentoring presence on my Twitter! Sending my gratitude out into the air waves.
Amy Lane:

Thanks for having me, Michele—I was so proud to see your new release out! Keep writing!

MF: My absolute pleasure!



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